Snowstorm, Austin, 2021

Reflection on Storms, Outages, and Shared Humanity

I’m an Austin, TX-based writer. It’s three days since my electricity was restored after the recent snowstorm/power outage situation in Texas. I just walked the familiar trail around Laby Bird Lake, an almost daily ritual (and luxury) for me and for many Austinites. I also got a matcha. Doing both felt like heaven. But still, I’m finding it oddly hard to sink back into “normal” life. I’m slowly realizing why readjustment is so hard.

Things I’ve learned over the last week:

1. Our ancestors were some hardy mother-*&^%-ers.

2. Human beings are resilient…

Salima Alikhan

Austin, TX-based writer, illustrator and English professor. She/her.

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